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Monday, January 20, 2014

Beautiful Garter for my hairstylist
Hello! Hope you have had a great week! I have :) Nothing special going on, I just seem more productive lately and that always makes me feel good! I have a sense of accomplishment, I guess. I'll share some linky love later on, but first let me show you some things I worked on this week-
Pattern Test Results for The Hookeraholic Crochet

Camoflage garter for the groom to throm
Another view of the camoflage garter

As you can see, my hairstylist is getting married in about a month. I have made her two very different garters, one for only her and her husband to see and another for the groom to throw. I have named the Camo garter "The Deerly Beloved Garter" lol! I hope she loves them both, and they bring a little more joy to her special day!

Then I did a pattern test for The Hookeraholic Crochet, which is the hat you see above. Love that pattern! The pattern isn't released yet, but when she does, I'll link it on here, in case someone wants to get a copy.

I made other things in the course of the week, but they were mostly repeats of the last couple of weeks iterms. Also, I'm still working on what I thought was Alpaca. The grower told me the other day that it is actually llama! So, yay, my first time working with llama. I'm halfway done with the last skein. I'm not sure if I have put any pictures of this particular yarn on here, but it is showcased in the video I posted last week.

Now for some free pattern links. I would really love to make some boot cuffs, but it seems like the only way that's going to happen is if someone orders them, lol! So here are some bootcuff  patterns for you-

First, The Mariposa Boot Cuffs from The Crochet Lounge. These are at the top of my to-do list and there is a whole line of related "Mariposa" accessories.

Then Moogly had a great roundup of 10 free boot cuff patterns last week-

Hope you find a pattern you like! While you're at it, make some for me :)

Have a great Martin Luther King Day. and try something new this week!

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