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Moogly Makers

Monday, January 13, 2014

Well, three posts into my New Year's resolution and I forgot to post last night! That didn't take long to slip my mind! Anyway, good week for me, how about you? I finished the Hunter's Vest I was testing-

I know, he looks like I'm killing him! He cried every time I put the vest on him, for some reason he hates that vest! He's usually such a good model too. That is not the finished vest, I had yet to sew on pockets, pocket flaps and buttons. I just couldn't put him through another picture.

I finished several other projects, but the big news if that I made my first video this week! It is for a Kickstarter project that I am starting. I am trying to buy an electric Drum Carder. This video shows how I process fiber now.

So, a pretty busy week for me, but I got a lot of things done. Hope this next week is safe and productive for you as well!

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