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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Here are two of the scarves I have finished in the last week. They are both made of Redheart Rigoletto yarn, using the pattern on the band.

The turquoise one is knit and the black one is crocheted. I prefer the knit one. The black one looks better on than in the picture, tho. It falls in soft, feminine waves. The knit one curled up so nicely tho and I love the color.

I would definately use this yarn again.

Yesterday I made 3 different sizes of mittens trying to make a pair to fit Dylan to go with his Skunk Hat. I think I finally succeeded! Now I just have to make a mate for it.

School got out at 9:30 yesterday because of the snow that never actually came, lol! So Michael spent 1 and half hour in school (meaning not here). So I didn't get a lot accomplished yesterday. Got to go to my sister's and work on his Pinewood Derby car today. Hopefully I'll at least finish Dylan's other glove today, lol.

Have a great day!

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