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Friday, January 4, 2013

New Yarns

School started back on Wednesday this week and my son was out sick on Thursday. Tomorrow's not looking much better either. Soo... caring for a sick kid trumps needlework every time, lol. That being said I did finish another It's a Hoot Scarf today.

This pattern comes from The Hook Hound. Here's the link-

It's a Hoot Scarf

I like making the hats better than making the scarves. I quess that's a good thing since I need to do 2 more  It's a Hoot Hats this weekend.

I'm almost done with custom orders for now, unless I get more in the next few days. I will be kind-of glad for the break, because I have bought so many new yarns I want to try my hand at. I'll put a couple of them up here.

Red Heart Boutique Rigoletto

 I have no idea what this will look like when knit up. It's completely different that the ribbon yarn I've been working with. Kind of like a wooly mesh fabric and you have to make your own track to knit into. I think it will be pretty when done though.

Redheart Boutique Ribbons
 I've seen scarves made from the pattern on the Ribbons label and I'm not crazy about them. So I found this pattern-

I think that will be a beautiful scarf. I'm going to pair it with the Red Heart Shimmer in Red.

Loops & Threads Links


I've never used any of the Loops & Threads yarn before, but I love the look of this one. You can't really see it in the picture, but it's made of links. Just like it says, lol. I don't know what I'm going to make with it yet, but it has a very distinctive look.

Loops & Threads Charisma

I just like the colors in this one!

It's getting late here (2:30 am) so I'll wrap this up now. Have a great day tomorrow!

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