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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Some finished projects

I'm trying something new to get into the habit of posting on here. I thought it would be good if I make a post in the mornings before I start working and my son gets up. After that all bets are off, lol. Anyway, today I will finish a skunk earflap hat for my nephew (he's my model). I'm going to hate it when he gets out of the baby stage, lol. I get alot of orders just being out in public with him when he's wearing my stuff! I also am going to work on the only custom order I have right now (6 hotpads made with kitchen cotton). So not glamorous, but necessary. Then I hope to finish at least 1 scarf. I'm trying to use up some of the yarns that I only have 1 skein of because it was so expensive. I'm getting better about buying more skeins at one time tho. It's just so hard when I see a beautiful fiber combination or color! Oh here's a couple things I've done so far this week-
Well the first one posted up there ^^^. I'm still experiencing a learning curve with blogging. I'm sure I'll figure it out in the near future, just bear with me.
Link for Minnie Hat Pattern-

 These two are of the Artfully Simply Infinity Scarf made with Loops and Threads Chains.
It's a free pattern-

Here it is worn longer (wrapped twice). It can be worn several different ways. There is even a detachable button tie. You can barely see it in the first pic on the right side of scarf. I love this pattern. It's very versatile and it's free! lol.

Last there's a pic of my nephew wearing a Mickie Inspired hat I made for a customer. I really didn't use any particular pattern, just made a basic beanie and the mouse ears.I think this one turned out great! Well, time to make the coffee and get this day jumpstarted, lol. Have a great day!

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